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Writing as a Path to Discovery: The Second Ankara Undergraduate Literature Conference



The conference will be held online on April 28, 2023. To join a Zoom session, please click on "Join the Session" button on the program:

Conference Program

Book of Abstracts




This year, The Second Ankara Undergraduate Literature Conference, jointly hosted by TEDU and Ankara University, will take place on 28 April, 2023. Third- and fourth-year students of literature in Ankara are invited to submit an abstract (200-300 words) with at least five keywords and a short biography (100 words) to 

We invite papers on the act of writing as a useful tool for questioning the human condition. Potential topics on this theme of “writing as a path to discovery” may include, but are not limited to:

  • Writing Possible Futures (science fiction)
  • Writing to Speculate (dystopias, speculative fiction, climate change fiction, posthumanism, transhumanism)
  • Writing Imaginative Worlds (gothic, fantasy literature, graphic novels)
  • Writing the Self and the Other (cultural, gender and political identities & outsiders, misfits, outcasts in literature)
  • Time in writing & Writing in time (literary periods and writers / memory, nostalgia / historiographic metafiction, memoir, and autobiographical writing)
  • Writing, Travel and Nature (Romantic poetry, travel writing, nature writing) 
  • Creative writing: We welcome young writers and poets who would like to display their works in poster presentations


Important Dates

30 March            Deadline for abstract submission

7 April                 Notification for accepted papers

28 April               Conference


Guidelines for the creative writing poster presentations:

- Dear students, please submit an abstract of your creative work by March 30, 2023. Your abstract should specify the genre (poem/short story/novel/play), provide a brief summary, and offer context (literary, social, or historical) for your work.

- If the conference is held in-person, please ensure that your poster print size is 120x80 cm. In case the event takes place online, a PDF or PowerPoint version of your poster with a 12:8 width to height ratio is acceptable.

- You can download the attached poster template, which includes the following:

  1. The title of your work
  2. Your name and surname
  3. The title of the event (The Second Ankara Undergraduate Literature Conference)
  4. Your department, university, city/province, and email address
  5. Date and venue of the event (April 28, 2023, Ankara)
  6. The complete text of your creative work (if possible). In case of lengthy works, please include an extract(s).
  7. Abstract of your work
  8. Details about your writing process
  9. An illustration that supports or explains your work
  10. References (if applicable)
  11. The logos of TEDU and Ankara University

Please feel free to modify the design of your poster while ensuring that it includes the above-mentioned content.


Thank you and looking forward to your participation.



Department of English Language and Literature, TED University

Department of English Language and Literature, Ankara University

Department of American Culture and Literature, Ankara University